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We have been using link exchange sites in the past and have become very frustrated with how slow the entire process is.

Maximise your time
Batch process 100's or 1000's of links quickly and easily using our unique link cart system
Target specific markets
Advanced filters so that you are only ever approached by sites that meet your criteria on content and Google PR.

As webmasters ourselves we have been through the process of developing many successful websites and the hardest part is not the content, it's not the look and feel, it's not finding the hosting package it's finding the users who will come and see what we have done, read our messages and make the site a living thing. On the internet there are thousands of great sites which are never found and therefore don't exist. Link exchange with relevant sites has many advantages and if done properly will give people the ability to find your site by following links on partner sites and by enhanced positions within search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

With our unique system you will be able to batch process 100's or 1000's of links quickly and easily. You simply add the links to your cart hit the button and a you can get on and do other things. You don't even have to add the links to your site straight away as your pages will be periodically checked, once they are added the webmasters of the sites will be informed.

Everything will be controlled through a dashboard so you will be able to see the progress of your link exchanges, which ones we have verified, which ones you have yet to add. You will be able to check whether other webmasters are still back linking to you. Your Google ranking will be reduced linking to sites that do not link back, or worse still linking to sites that Google has removed from their index. Using our detailed reports will prevent this.

Only want to exchange with Sports sites with a Google page rank of 3 or more, no problems, just set your filters and no one will be able to request an exchange that doesn't meet the criteria.

Just some of the advanced features you can look forward to:

Our basic service will be totally FREE however we will be charging for the advanced features so take advantage of our FREE lifetime Gold  membership offer, limited places available.

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